Alix Getreide grew up in Paris, wandering through the city’s antique markets and art galleries. She moved to London in 2009 to study management and then interior design at Inchbald school of design. Now heading her own design studio, she brings that passion for art and contemporary design to creating elegant and timeless – though eternally modern – interiors.

Building from a fine-tuned understanding of space and volume, Alix orchestrates dynamic flow in her floor plan and realises the power of the precisely placed, absolutely right piece of art or furniture. She collaborates with artists and designers, as well as galleries and dealers, always seeking out unique pieces that ignites the passion of her clients while answering their needs.




As a designer, Alix is obsessed with the particulars and perfect alignment of time and space. Her interiors, her choice of colour and materials, curation of art, objects and design, are carefully tailored to a specific place, to the home she is helping create.

She aspires to create environments that transport people in time, conjuring up the elegance of the 1930s, the more decadent glamour of 1970s, and the finer points in-between, scouring Europe for important but neglected pieces and working with artisans to restore them using a range of rich materials. Pieces with real legacy are renewed and expertly matched with other contemporary finds as well as her own designs to create entirely bespoke, unique spaces that honour the past and look to the future.